notebook G™ is your online organizer.
No software to install. Nothing to manage.
Ditch the sticky notes, scraps of paper, and spiral notebooks.

Why notebook G?

“I couldn't find the “perfect” online organizer - so I built my own.”

“I created notebook G because I needed something as accessible as pen and paper... but on the Internet.”

“With your personal account, information follows you wherever you go - home, school, work, travel.... Safe and secure, always updated, and you never have to worry about backups.“

- Greg Arnette
Application Producer,
concept G


At your fingertips...

Meeting notes
A journal
License codes
Your ideas
Household information

... and a whole lot more.

See what you can achieve with notebook G.

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“I use notebook G for my sales meeting journal. I summarize each meeting with a quick note for a permanent record.”
- Derek S., Boston

“Whether I clip from a newspaper or cook from inspiration, I now have a place for my recipes.”
- Marian W., Cape Cod

“I manage network systems and use notebook G to store system configuration settings.”
- Peter Z., New York

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